FollowMe smart alarm

Automatic alarm that monitors your security in uncomfortable situations.

Notify buddies on safe arrival

Want to feel safer on the road? With the FollowMe alarm you can keep your buddies informed about your destination and duration of travel. Enter your destination and means of transport and FollowMe will automatically calculate your travel time. Once there, a text message will let your buddies know that you have arrived safely. If things don't go according to plan, FollowMe will sound the alarm.

Follow me from A to B

Share your point of departure and point of arrival with your buddies and let them follow you. On departure and arrival FollowMe will automatically send you a message. Your buddies know exactly where you are. If things don't go according to plan, FollowMe will sound the alarm.

Sound the alarm if I've been here too long

Not comfortable at your current location? Check in and decide how long you want to stay. If you don't leave on time, FollowMe will notify your buddies and Amicimi will share your location with them..

Check whether I'm still OK in a moment

Don't feel completely safe in a certain situation? Set up your FollowMe and receive a fake call after a certain amount of time. Your perfect excuse to politely remove yourself from an unfamiliar situation.

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