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Discrete alarm function

The Amicimi alarm button is very safe and discrete to use. The inconspicuous design makes the button fit in perfectly on your keyring. Press both sides of your alarm button for a couple of seconds and your buddies and/or Securitas will be notified of your location. This way they can send the emergency services your way if necessary.

In addition to your location, the Amicimi app also sends a sound recording, together with your medical details. In this way, the right help can be sent to the right address.

Amicimi app

The Amicimi alarm button is linked to the app of the same name. It can be installed on iOS- or Android-smartphones. The Amicimi app only needs and internet connection to send out notificationsto your buddies and/or Securitas.

Quick and simple

The Amicimi alarm button is very easy to use, press the button for a couple of seconds and your buddies or Securitas will be notified of your emergency situation. In this way, aid will soon be present.

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Email and SMS notifications

When you are in an unsafe situation, Amicimi will immediately send out an email and/or SMS to your buddies or Securitas. In this way, your friends and the emergency services will immediately know where you are.

FollowMe smart alarm

In the FollowMe smart alarm, you can choose and set a number of common situations yourself.

Don't trust the way to a specific location? FollowMe notifies your buddies or Securitas when you don't arrive in a certain period of time..

Want to leave at a certain time? FollowMe will send you a notification when you stay at a certain location longer than planned.

Would you like FollowMe to check if you are still OK after a certain period of time? The alarm automatically sends out a fake phone call, giving you an excuse to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

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Real-time follow-up

The Amicimi app is connected to your alarm button, allowing you to sound the alarm quickly and discretely. In this way Amicimi shares your exact location, together with a sound recording, with your buddies or Securitas. All the app needs for this is an internet connection.

Native language

The Amicimi app is available in your native language, ensuring all functions are clear.

Sounding the alarm simple and quick

Safety, anytime and anywhere.

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